Buche Employee Benefits

What Benefits Will Buche Foods Offer Employees?

Buche Foods has an excellent benefits program, covering medical, dental, vision, life insurance, time off and more. We want all team members to enjoy their experience at Buche Foods and know what to expect. Here are the benefits we offer and their specifics.

Immediate 4% Raise

We aim to hire every existing employee and every employee who continues with us will receive a 4% raise. There will be no loss of jobs and the workers will have no loss of hours. Per our agreement with the tribe, we simply ask that you help share the word to contact us, as we need to know every employee’s intention by December 31st.

At Buche Foods, the number of years you’ve worked for Sioux Nation will equate to the number of years you’ve worked for us. That will positively impact employees with the following benefits.


All full-time team members, unless otherwise specifically exempted, shall receive an annual vacation with full pay as follows:

After 1 year of employment – 1 week
From 2 through 9 years of employment – 2 weeks
After 10 or more years of employment – 3 weeks

Again, whatever is accrued in previous years of service carries over to Buche Foods. The number of years must be consecutive and vacation requests must be made in writing within 30 days of desired vacation and approved by store manager. Members may not carry over vacation time from year to year.

Paid Birthdays

It’s your birthday, you should celebrate it. Full time team members employed for one consecutive year can take their birthday off – or a more convenient day – with full pay. Part time team members receive 4 hours of pay off.

Life Insurance (Assurant)

Team members are eligible for $15,000 worth of life insurance at no cost. Proof of good health will be required for additional coverage.

Short Term Disability (AFLAC)

All team members are eligible for short term disability through AFLAC. AFLAC will make initial contact with employees and visit quarterly in January, July, April and October.

Health Insurance (Wellmark)

Our employee health insurance is in accordance with the Affordable Healthcare Act. Team members must work 30 or more hours a week to qualify. New year renewal is June 1.

Dental Insurance and Vision Care (Assurant)

We proudly offer dental insurance and vision care. Team members must work 30 or more hours a week to qualify.
New year renewal is June 1.

Performance Bonus/Christmas Bonus

 Each year in December, we give an annual incentive bonus to each employee consistent with our policy on provisions of not less than 1% of annual wages. Minimum of $250.

Scholarship Promotion

Also, any team member or immediate family member of a team member who has worked for the company for one consecutive year will receive $100 for each year the employee has worked for Buche Foods – up to five years or $500.

Buche Foods also offers a scholarship to area seniors. In the interest of fairness, no team member or immediate family member may participate in this program.

In addition to the applied benefits above, we also offer the following:

401K (Principal Financial)

We offer a 401K match up to 4%. While we attempted to make this retroactive, our provider’s terms specify that employees who choose to participate in the 401K must initiate as a new employee. Team members are eligible to participate after one year of employment. A team member may contribute up to $18,000 per year. Anyone 50-and-over may contribute the catch-up provision amount up to $6,000.

Team Member Recruitment Incentives

Any team member who recommends a qualified person who is then hired and remains an employee for one consecutive year receives the following based on their hours.

40 plus hours – $400
30 plus hours – $300
20 plus hours – $200
10 plus hours – $100


The company encourages promotions from within the company. If you are interested in advancement or consideration as jobs become open, you should inform the store manager.

The success and advancement of team members depends entirely on: ability, performance, efficiency, ability to get along with others, and attendance. These are the things supervisors consider when determining promotions.