With the closing of Sioux Nation on February 9th, Buche Foods has new equipment ordered and continues an ambitious timeline for the store remodel and improvements in produce, dairy and organic. Buche recognizes a reliable grocer is a crucial need and is working behind the scenes to open as quickly as possible.

Buche’s timeline may vary depending on access to the store and condition of the interior. As always, they intend to keep the community posted on progress. In the meantime, there will be continued busing Monday – Friday to Lynn’s Dakotamart to meet grocery needs during this transition.

The store remodel will not only make a brighter, safer shopping place, it will be specifically designed to make more room for healthier options. Buche Foods plans a 100% increase in organic options and a 50% increase in both produce and dairy.

“This is what the people of Pine Ridge have asked for and this is what we are committed to doing,” says President RF Buche. “While we are making lots of improvements, this will always be the people’s store.”

Another fun addition is on-site cake decorating customized for celebrations and gatherings. The store will also have an increase in home, hardware, paint and farm and ranch products. Hardware Hank and Buche Foods are working together to better stock in-demand products from brands like Stanley, Weber, Traeger, Ring, Century Tools and more.

“There’s a lot to be excited about right now,” says Buche. “We appreciate how many have supported us during this time, and are doing everything we can to open and fulfill our promise – fresher, healthier choices at a fair price.”