Buche Foods will continue using Oglala Sioux Transit to provide busing to Lynn’s Dakotamart. Buche has scheduled a special trip for Sunday, March 10th, the South Dakota SNAP release date. The busing service is intended to ease some strain on grocery needs as Buche Foods prepares to open.

We strongly encourage you to contact Transit to reserve your seat at 867-2332.

Please note the following schedule:

  • Depart from Big Bats in Pine Ridge at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm – Sunday
  • Travel to Lynn’s Dakotamart in Martin
  • Customers will be able to shop for 1 hour and return to Pine Ridge
  • Additional regular buses will stop at Lynn’s for pickup, if necessary 
  • Reserving your seat helps us ensure the right sized vehicle

“Food is a basic necessity for everyone,” says President RF Buche. “Although bussing is not ideal, a good grocery store is vital for a community like Pine Ridge.”

Buche Foods is hoping to gain access to the grocery store facility March 12th. Upon getting access, they are promising to work diligently to begin the remodel; start installing new equipment; and ensure people have a safe, clean, fresh store as quickly as possible.

In addition, Buche hopes hardware will be ready around the same time as grocery. Buche’s auto parts department should be up and running very soon after getting access.

Finally, note that they will continue busing people Monday – Friday to Lynn’s Dakotamart to meet grocery needs during this transition.