Buche Foods began preparations this week to open the new Pine Ridge store. This Tuesday was their first opportunity to access the building. Crews are working to remove old Hiway 20 equipment and the damage left behind. Buche is striving to open as soon as April 9th.

“We’re so excited to get to work for the people of Pine Ridge,” says President RF Buche.

In addition to installing new refrigeration and freezer equipment, Buche is making space for healthier food options. The new space will offer a 50% increase in produce options, 50% increase in dairy; and 100% increase in organic, gluten free and diabetic choices. In total, there will be 4,616 new square feet dedicated to produce, dairy and healthy options.

“I know that bussing for groceries is not ideal and I apologize for the pain Pine Ridge customers are dealing with. However, I promise it will be worth it in the end. It’s something we’re all going to be proud of,” added Buche.

In addition to expanding fresh food choices, Buche and the team are painting, cleaning and making other necessary upgrades. They intend to provide a well-lit, welcoming and safe shopping experience.

Hardware Hank and Pronto Auto Parts are already planning inventory, making computer and hardware upgrades. Pronto will be opening this week.